Improve Ordering Process

Mobile app to take order for client.
Instant syncronization to office system
and process. Auto-update on stock availability instantly.

Accuracy & Speed

Reduce human error compared to
paper process. Sales Button is ready and flexible on setting up multi-role functions and assign different authority for different roles.

Cost Saving

Reduce cost on paper printing &
document management cost up to 25%. SQL Accounting System Integrated for FREE

Our Happy Customers

  • Now when using Sales Button, I have more time to do other things, the orders are organized, salesperson able to check the price instantly in front of the customer.
    Perusahaan Chuan Nam Sdn Bhd

Sales Button is a Simple & Unified Cloud Sales Performance solution to help SME companies to simplify sales process. Suitable for organization or enterprise on transforming operation & digitization. They consist of 2 main components, web-based portal & mobile app.

How it works?

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